Getting started

Get started with Otii Product Suite

Start optimizing embedded systems and IoT devices with the Otii Product Suite takes just six steps.

  1. Download and install the Otii 3 Desktop App. If not already done, follow these instructions.

  2. Connect the Otii hardware to the computer and the DUT. If not already done, follow these instructions.

  3. Open the Otii 3 Desktop App and create a new project. If the Otii hardware is connected correctly, it will be identified in the left sidebar.

  4. Click the "Add" button next to the Otii hardware identified to add it. Set the parameters needed for the DUT (e.g., voltage, overcurrent protection) and select the desired channels to be measured.

  5. Press the "Record" button, then turn on the Otii hardware to power up the DUT and measure the selected channels.

Refer to the Wiring up page to explore more ways to connect your hardware, including how to expand the measurement capabilities using the Expansion port.

Get familiar with Otii 3 Desktop App

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