Otii 3 Desktop App

Software for recording measurements, analyzing, and optimizing battery life.

The Otii 3 Desktop App is a robust and user-friendly software application designed to be the heart of the entire Otii Product Suite. It is designed for energy measurement and optimization of battery-driven embedded systems or IoT devices. It works together with the Otii hardware to provide industrial-grade tools for developers, engineers, and teams to analyze and optimize the power consumption of hardware projects.

Key features of the Otii 3 Desktop App:

  • Real-time measurement & analysis: Displays current, voltage, power consumption, digital inputs, and UART logs in real-time, allowing developers and engineers to quickly identify the impact of code and hardware changes on energy consumption.

  • Project management: Hardware, firmware and software developers can organize their work into projects, making it easy to manage multiple tests and experiments to share them with colleagues, customers, or manufacturing companies.

  • Data visualization: The Otii 3 Desktop App offers various visualization tools such as scrolling, zooming, dedicated selections, and log debugging to help developers and engineers better understand their devices' energy consumption patterns.

  • Multiple recordings: Record, synchronize and analyze multiple recordings separately over time to easily track changes performed to optimize your DUT.

  • Recording multiple devices: Connect multiple Otii hardware to multiple DUTs to record, sync, and analyze various recordings simultaneously.

  • Export & share data: Users can export data easily as an entire project or CSV format for further analysis or share it with team members, enhancing collaboration.

  • Battery simulation & profiling: With the Otii Battery Toolbox, developers and engineers can profile different battery types and conditions, and then simulated them for the specific application and use case helping design and test battery-powered devices to match the actual deployment environments conditions.

  • Automation Support: The Otii Automation Toolbox enables developers and engineers to script and automate tests, ideal for running extensive tests and verifications for quality assurance (QA) within the whole product development cycle.


Check out Otii 3 Desktop App features below to improve your hardware development process.

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