Activation & Licensing

Create and activate an account & get Otii Toolbox licenses

Account activation

  1. Go to the home page at and click on the sign-in icon in the upper right corner, or click on this link to access the User Management.

  2. Create an account by clicking the respective button on the page's right side. Complete the required information, agree to Qoitech's terms of use, and click the "create" button.

  3. The account must be verified upon creation. The email associated with the account will receive a verification email with the verification code. Assign the verification code received, and click the "verify" button.

  4. Once verified, access the account using the username and password set.

  5. Navigate through the User Management to download the Otii 3 Desktop App, manage Otii hardware and support cases, and the additional Otii Toolbox licenses.

Refer to the "Online account manager" page for further User Management details.


Within the Otii Product Suite, licenses are required only for Otii Toolbox—an additional set of features for the Otii 3 Desktop App that transforms Otii hardware into specialized tools. Check out the dedicated documentation for more info.

Follow the steps below to acquire and activate a license for Otii Toolbox:

  1. In User Management, navigate to the "Licenses" section.

  2. Click the license drop-down menu to reveal the available Otii Toolbox licenses: Automation Toolbox or Battery Toolbox; each is offered monthly, yearly, or perpetually.

  3. Select the desired license and click the "add" button. You can add additional license types by repeating the previous step.

  4. Once added, specify the number of licenses desired to be purchased. The price will be updated accordingly.

  5. The total cost, including taxes, will be displayed. Check this to confirm pricing before buying.

  6. Click "Buy licenses" to proceed with payment checkout through the e-commerce partner, which accepts credit cards or PayPal.

  7. Once completed, the email address associated with the account will receive an order confirmation email and a quick start on how to activate the license(s) in the Otii 3 Desktop App.

After purchase, licenses automatically renew until canceled. Based on your project development needs, you can choose between Otii Automation Toolbox [AT] or Otii Battery Toolbox [BT] on a monthly, annual, or perpetual basis and cancel anytime.

Otii Toolbox license activation

  1. Open Otii 3 Desktop App.

  2. Navigate to:

    • Windows & Ubuntu: File > User Management, or by pressing Ctrl-U.

    • MacOS: Otii 3 > User Management, or by pressing ⌘-U.

  3. Log in within the account. The license(s) acquired will be listed under "LICENSES."

  4. Click the "Reserve" button next to the license name to assign the license to the computer.

If you are already logged in to the account when opening the Otii 3 Desktop App, and the licenses are not yet listed, click the refresh icon at the top right to update the section. If that doesn't display the licenses, log out and then log back in again.

Refer to the "Manage licenses" page for further instructions on managing licenses across multiple computers and users.

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