Otii Automation Toolbox [AT]

Scripting capabilities to open the world of automation

The Otii Automation Toolbox [AT] helps developers, engineers, and teams to automate repetitive tasks and measurements. By using this Toolbox, the Otii hardware became a programmable unit ideal for running extensive tests and verifications for quality assurance (QA) within the whole product development cycle, regardless of whether it is hardware or software.

Control the Otii hardware remotely by writing your own scripts or using the Qoitech packaged scripting modules available for popular languages like Python, Java, C#, and Matlab. It also includes a command-line tool to run scripts without a UI, perfect for command-line environments or remote setups.

Explore all the additional features and functionalities Automation Toolbox can bring to your solution, including how to get started right away.

Automation Toolbox [AT] is a license that can be purchased as perpetual or subscribed to on yearly or monthly basis.

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