User management

User management allows users to log in to their Qoitech account to access Otii Toolbox licenses and to register Otii hardware.

Sign in

To open user management, navigate to "Otii3 > User management" or press ⌘-U/Ctrl-U.

Otii hardware connected to the computer will be shown below the sign in form.

Enter your username and password, and click sign in to log in. In case of not having an account, refer to this page to create and activate it.

Once logged in, the licenses associated with the account and the registered devices will be displayed as well as unregistered devices connected to the computer.

Reserve license

To use the features of a toolbox you need to reserve the license. You click reserve to reserve a license, and the license and its features will be available for this computer until you release it. You can reserve more than one license on a computer.

Reserved license will be indicated with a colored dot.

Return license

When you are done using the license and want to make it available for use on other computers, you click on return to release the license.

Offline licensing

By default you need to be online to use the licenses. This makes it easy to use the license on several computers, one at a time, or to share the license with other users.

If you need to use Otii offline, you can move your online license to an Otii hardware. The license will then be available to the computer this Otii hardware is connected to, and unavailable online.

You need to reserve a license to move it to an Otii hardware. When you reserve it a dropbox will be shown at the bottom of the license stating Online. If you click the dropbox all connected devices will be listed, and you can select the device you want to move the license to.

When you sign out, the license will still be available as long as the Otii hardware with the offline license is connected.

To move the license from the hardware back online you need to be signed in, and then you connect the device to your computer and select Online again in the dropbox.

Register device

You can register your device by clicking Register, and the device will show up in your online account. You need to register your device if you want to request a calibration certificate.

There is no need to be connected to the user management nor to have the devices registered to use the Otii 3 Desktop App.

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