Online account manager

The Qoitech User Management Portal enables users to manage the Otii Product Suite. Here, the Otii 3 Desktop App can be downloaded, Otii hardware registered, support cases managed, and licenses for Otii Toolboxes, such as the Otii Battery Toolbox and Automation Toolbox, can be administered.

To access the user management portal, go to the home page at and click on the sign-in icon in the upper right corner, or click on this link.

In case of not having a user, you must:

  1. Register in the User Management Portal by creating a user account.

  2. Verify the e-mail address associated with the account created.

Refer to the "Activation & Licensing" page for account creation and verification guidance.

Once you accessed User Management, the following sections will be listed within the navigation on the left sidebar:

  • Profile: Manage account profile information

  • License: Acquire and manage licenses to enhance software capabilities with Otii Toolboxes.

  • My products: Register and manage Otii hardware, both Otii Arc Pro and Otii Ace Pro.

  • Downloads: Download the Otii software, the Otii 3 Desktop App, and check Release Notes.

  • Cases: Create and follow-up support tickets.

  • Sign out: Log out from the User Management account.

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