Firmware management

To ensure the proper operation of the Otii hardware with the latest version of the Otii 3 Desktop App, it is important to keep the hardware up to date with the latest firmware version available.

Once the Otii 3 Desktop App detects a new firmware version for the connected Otii hardware, a yellow exclamation mark icon shown in the CONTROL section indicates a new firmware is available. To upgrade it, you can:

  • click on the exclamation mark icon, and choose "Upgrade firmware",

  • or, navigate to Devices > Upgrade firmware to latest.

Note that the upgrade firmware option is only available if the connected Otii hardware requires an upgrade. Otherwise, it will be visible but disabled.

Once the firmware upgrade starts, the following behavior will be observed on the Otii hardware:

  • Otii Ace Pro: the LED will start blinking red and blue quickly, then turn off for a few seconds, turn on yellow, and stay blue—the same state it was before the firmware upgrade. Then, it will automatically reconnect to the Otii 3 Desktop App.

  • Otii Arc Pro: It will restart, and when the upgrade is finished, it will automatically reconnect to the Otii 3 Desktop App.

Upgrade firmware from file...

In case the Otii hardware needs to be upgraded to another firmware version, for testing and/or compatibility with particular features, it can be upgraded by:

  1. Navigate to Devices > Upgrade firmware from file.

  2. Choose the firmware file shared by the Qoitech team, and click open.

  3. Once opened, the firmware is upgraded in a few seconds, following the same behavior previously described on this page.

There is no official download center for older firmware versions. In case of requiring a specific firmware version, go to the user management portal, log in, and create a new case under the "Cases" section.

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