Otii Arc/Ace setup

After connecting the Otii hardware (either the Otii Arc or Otii Ace) to the computer is automatically recognized within the Otii 3 Desktop App. To add it, click the "Add" button.

By default, once the project is saved, the Otii hardware will be added to it each time it is opened. Once added, users can set up and/or customize the following parameters:


By default, the name given to the device is the version of the Otii hardware used. To change it, double-click and assign the desired name, or right-click, select "Rename," and assign the new name.

Main voltage

Just right next to the Otii hardware name, the measured voltage followed by the desired voltage will be found. Being the desired voltage, the one supplied through the Otii hardware main terminals when the unit is set in "Power Box" mode.

By default, the voltage assigned to the Otii hardware, either Otii Arc Pro or Otii Arce Pro, is 3.0V. To change it, click on the value and enter the new desired voltage. Keep in mind that the Otii hardware's main output range for the Otii Arc Pro is 0.0V—5.0V, and for the Otii Ace Pro is 0.0V—25.0V; however, the system restricts the max output to 0.0V—5.5V. When using Otii Ace Pro, the max voltage can go up to 25.0V. To change it, go to "Settings > Max supply voltage" and set the desired maximum voltage.

The maximum voltage that Otii Arc Pro can supply depends on whether a power supply via the DC plug is connected to the Otii hardware and whether activating the "Auto range" option is selected as the main current parameter. The maximum value will be automatically updated based on the current configuration.

Make sure to cap the max voltage based on the DUT's technical requirements to avoid accidental high voltages.

Power button

Click the power button to turn the main power supply ON/OFF.

Device attachment

The drop-down box below the Otii hardware name enables the control settings to be reassigned to another Otii hardware of the same version. To do so, select and reassign the other Otii hardware(s) within the list.

An Otii Arc Pro cannot be reassigned with an Otii Ace Pro or vice versa.

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