Battery emulation

Otii can act as a battery, following a discharge curve. If you have reserved a Battery Toolbox license, a Supply section will appear in the Arc/Ace control settings. Press the Emulate battery button to open the battery emulation dialog. Choose the battery profile you want in the drop down list. A discharge curve will be shown for the chosen battery.

There are two curves, one shows the unloaded battery voltage over the used capacity and the other curve shows the internal resistance. Otii will adjust the output voltage depending on the load, just like a real battery with internal resistance.

Used Capacity

Enter how many Ahs of the emulated battery's capacity that has been used if you selected Used capacity or how many percent if you selected SOC(%). To emulate a fresh battery, enter 0 for Used capacity and 100% for SOC(%).

Select Fixed to emulate the battery with a constant Used capacity as entered above. Follow will emulate a discharge over the time you are recording.

The rest of the settings are the same as when using the Arc as a constant power supply.

Series and Parallel

Click on a battery in the battery grid to set how many batteries in series and parallel to emulate.


Press to hide the battery emulation dialog. Your current settings will still be visible in your Arc/Ace control settings, as displayed below. Here you can edit the used capacity or state of charge. To update other settings, press the curve to re-open the dialog.

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