Recording tools

Graph tools

The graph tools within the Otii Product Suite are designed to facilitate the analysis and optimization of multiple channels, such as voltage, current, and power, of any hardware up to 25V.

Selection tool

With the selection tool selected, the mouse can be used to select a specific time span. The statistics will be updated to show the statistics for the selected area. You can drag the edges to change the selection size and drag the entire selection along the time axis by pressing the command simultaneously.

To activate the Selection tool, press the icon or press S on the keyboard to draw the selection in the graphs.

Zoom tool

With the zoom tool enabled, you can draw an area in a specific to zoom into.

To activate the Zoom tool, press the icon or press Z on the keyboard and use the mouse to click and draw a zoom area. The mouse wheel + Ctrl/ can also be used to zoom in and out at any time. By default, the mouse wheel zooms on the X-axis. Hold Alt to zoom the Y axis instead.

Drag tool

With the drag tool, you can drag a specific graph in any direction.

If you press Alt / when the drag tool is enabled, only the currently active graph on the X-axis will be moved. This will offset the graph with respect to the other, which is very useful when comparing different recordings.

To activate the Drag tool, click on the icon located on the toolbar.

Plot tools

The plot tools enable the customization of the behavior of visualizations for further analisys. The tools available can be active, enabled, and disabled.

  • Fit width: with this enabled, all the graphs will be zoomed out to show all the content.

  • Zoom to selection: if there is a selection, this makes the selection fill the entire view.

  • Follow: with this enabled, the tail of the current recording will be kept in the view.

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