The Otii 3 Desktop App has a control panel on the left sidebar that facilitates the connection between the Otii hardware and the application, assuming it is correctly connected to the computer.

The CONTROL section enables the Otii hardware to be set up according to the technical parameters of the devices under test (DUT), the mode of use of the Otii hardware, and the channels to be measured. These configurations are independently set for each connected Otii hardware, regardless of whether it is an Otii Arc or Otii Ace.

As shown in the image above, the CONTROL panel features the following:

  • Arc/Ace: Define power supply voltage, and it turns ON/OFF.

  • General settings: Set the operation mode for the Otii hardware and define the settings in which it will operate based on the DUT's characteristics.

  • Channels: Channels available for measurement by the Otii hardware.

  • Uart: Enable and set up serial communication with the DUT for debugging.

Control filter

To filter what is being shown in the control list, click the filter button just next to the control title:


  • Unassigned: When enabled, all devices, including those that are not added to the project, will be shown.

  • Ignored: When enabled, it will show ignored devices. UART devices can be ignored by right-clicking it and choosing "Ignore".

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