Otii software

All-in-one software tool connecting the whole Otii Product Suite.

The Otii software is the backbone of Qoitech's Otii Product Suite. Designed to interface with Otii hardware to provide a powerful and comprehensive application for developers and engineers to record, visualize, and analyze the power consumption of battery-driven devices in real-time to identify and mitigate inefficiencies from initial development phases to production and maintenance.

The Otii software is designed with user experience in mind, making it easy to measure, validate and improve device performance. The feature-packed Otii software is free of charge and subscriptions, and you do not need to be logged in to use it. If you looking to extend the software's capabilities to profile batteries, simulate battery conditions, and create automated tests, you can purchase Otii Toolbox licenses on a perpetual, yearly or monthly basis. Discover all the included features listed below.

Check out Otii's software components below to find out complete features and details.

Otii software is compatible with any Otii hardware, including the Otii Arc Pro and Otii Ace Pro. It can run on various operating systems (OS) like Windows, Ubuntu, and macOS.

Discover below all the features the Otii software brings to your workbench.

FeatureOtii 3 Desktop AppOtii Automation ToolboxOtii Battery Toolbox

Basic measurements (current, voltage, power)

GPI measurements

ADC (sub-system) measurements

Save/load projects

Basic statistics

Unlimited undo/redo

Offset calibration

Export CSV

Export project



Multiple recordings

Record more than 10 minutes

Record UART logs

Sync data with UART logs

Sync multiple recordings

Multiple Otii boxes

Set sample rate (Otii Ace Pro only)

Customize statistics


Filter log

Battery life calculator

4-wire support

In-line measurement support (Otii Ace Pro only)

Offline license

Scripting in any language using JSON API

Packaged scripting modules available for Python, Matlab, C#, Java


Battery emulation

Battery profiling

Battery validation

Note that all the features listed under Otii 3 Desktop App are included as standard with your Otii hardware purchase, while the Otii Toolbox are additional licenses that can be purchased as perpetual or as a subscription-based.

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