Discover what's behind Otii Product Suite

The Otii Product Suite empowers developers and teams to reduce development and maintenance time, and costs for their battery-powered products. It ensures optimal battery efficiency across the solution, matching it with the ideal energy source to fuel energy-optimized innovations.

How Otii works?

Otii products work together by integrating cutting-edge hardware and software to enable an ecosystem of tools for developers, engineers, and teams to adopt a low-power mindset and foster energy optimization in electronic products, especially for IoT and embedded systems.

There are three key steps that developers can practice that lead to prolonged battery life:

  1. Profiling and optimization of devices for low energy use, at the hardware and firmware level.

  2. Matching the right energy source (e.g. battery) to the application conditions through profiling and simulation.

  3. Validating a variety of energy sources to ensure the best battery life.

Each of these steps is handled using the various features and functionalities offered by the entire Otii Product Suite.

Otii Product Suite

Achieving low-power design and extended battery life requires the concerted effort of developers across the entire stack. The Otii Product Suite is created by developers for developers, adding value during development cycles for hardware, firmware and software.

The Otii hardware, either Otii Arc Pro or Otii Ace Pro, allows us to profile devices energy consumption on every developer’s workbench. The data is recorded, processed and analyzed in real-time in the Otii software / Otii 3 Desktop App, providing insights into the energy usage patterns. Moreover, the software capabilities can be extended by Otii Toolbox, like Battery Toolbox and Automation Toolbox, battery profiling/simulation respectively automated testing. Together, these provide a seamless suite of products that interfaces and facilitates an efficient approach toward energy optimization from development through production.

Otii's solutions enable developers and engineers to:

  • Power devices under development

  • Energy profile microcontrollers, sensors devices up to 25V in real-time and over time

  • Design power-efficient hardware, firmware and software through regression testing

  • Sync UART logs with power measurements to identify what drains the energy of the device

  • Measure inrush current and components leakage current over time

  • Optimize sleep current and extend battery life

  • Troubleshoot hardware, firmware and software

  • Profile a battery or energy harvesting for the specific application

  • Simulate battery for the specific application and device

  • Benchmark and validate batteries and energy harvesting solutions

  • Automate all the measurements trough scripting in multiple languages

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