Connecting Otii hardware

Getting started with Otii Product Suite

The connection of the Otii hardware—either Otii Arc Pro or Otii Ace Pro—is required as a starting point for working with the Otii Product Suite. This connection must be to the Device Under Test (DUT) or the battery to be validated and to a computer running Otii Software, Otii 3 Desktop App.

Go to the Qoitech Download page to download and install the latest Otii 3 Desktop App version for your preferred operating system (OS). Refer to the "Install Otii software" page for step-by-step instructions on installing and setting up the Otii 3 Desktop App for the different OS supported.

To start in just a matter of minutes, make sure to have:

  • A computer with at least an available USB port running the Otii 3 Desktop App. It is recommended at least 16 GB of RAM.

  • The DUT to be measured, analyzed and optimized.

  • Positive and negative banana connectors for connecting the Otii hardware to the DUT.

  • Female to female/male jumper wires for connecting the Otii hardware main expansion port to the device under test for extra capabilitites.

  • [Optional] External DC adapter. For Otii Arc Pro, in the range 7-9V, max 5A. For Otii Ace Pro, in the range 7-20V, max 5A. Here are a few suggestions on the DC adapters.

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