Installing Otii software

Step-by-step to install Otii 3 Desktop App

Getting started with the Otii software is quite simple. Just download the latest software version directly from the Qoitech download portal. With the same download, the access to the Otii 3 Desktop App and the Otii Toolboxes are enabled. Otii software is versatile, multiple operating systems (OS) are supported, including Windows, macOS, and Ubuntu.

Below, choose the OS of your preference, follow the instructions and start building battery-driven embedded systems and IoT devices.

Otii software can also be run without an interface, being controlled and customized directly from a CLI or scripting using Python or Java. To do so, the Otii server must be installed on a Raspberry Pi, and an Otii Automation Toolbox must be active. Refer to the page below to get started:

Raspberry Pi setup

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