Support resources

Help resources to navigate Otii 3 Desktop App

Otii 3 Desktop App provides help resources to assist users in better understanding and navigating the tool's functionalities.

Context help

It's a help resource in the form of an information box displayed automatically at the bottom right of the Otii 3 Desktop App when a new project is started. The Context help allows users to do a mouse hover between the tool's functionalities, like buttons, and will share a detailed description of the features of such functionality.

The context help can be removed so that it is not automatically displayed when starting a new project. To do so, uncheck the "Show this help at startup" option. Alternatively, go to "Help > Toggle context" help to display it, or simply use the shortcut ?

Quick help

It is a table providing complete information on using keyboard commands to navigate, configure, analyze, and debug the collected measurements on the Otii 3 Desktop App.

The Quick Help can be displayed using the shortcut H, or access it by clicking "Help > Toggle quick help."

Refer to "Keyboard navigation" for more details on the various commands for different operating systems.

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