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Navigate around the Otii 3 Desktop App

Otii 3 Desktop App Interface

The Otii 3 Desktop App is divided into 3 main sections:


The Otii 3 Desktop App toolbar comprises icons and sections that allow users to quickly navigate and interact with the software's most frequently used functionalities and features.

  1. Record & stop buttons: Tools for managing measurement recordings.

  2. Graph manipulation tools: Tools to further validate and analyze measurements recorded within graphs.

  3. Battery features set: Battery life estimation, profiling and analysis tools.

  4. System monitoring & notifications: Check real-time device status and system notifications.

1. Record & stop



The record button starts a new recording. When pressed, the button turns red. If the button is pressed again while recording, a new recording will be started without interruption.


The stop button stops the current recording.

2. Graph manipulation

Fit width

Enabling Fit Width will zoom out all graphs to display all content.

Zoom to selection

If a selection is made, it will be expanded to fill the entire view.


When Follow is enabled, the tail of the current recording remains visible in the view.

Selection tool

Allow users to pick a specific time span with the mouse. The statistics will then reflect data from the selected area. The size of the selection can be adjusted by dragging its edges and moving it along the time axis by simultaneously pressing for macOS or Ctrl for Windows & Ubuntu.

Zoom tool

With the Zoom tool, you can select a specific area to magnify.

Drag tool

Allows users to move a particular graph in any direction. Pressing Shift ⇧ while dragging will only move the active graph. This offsets the graph relative to others and is useful when comparing different recordings.

3. Battery features set


Battery Life Estimator

Predicts how long a battery will last under specific conditions in various real-life applications. To forecast battery performance, input different usage scenarios, including deep sleep and active states.

Battery Profiler

Connect the battery to the main connectors and analyze its characteristics by monitoring and recording discharge patterns under various conditions. Multiple battery profiles can be created for later simulation or to compare against other battery types.

Battery Validation

Validate that a particular battery meets a device's specific needs and performance standards. Informed decisions about battery selection guarantee the battery will behave as expected in a real-world application. The capability to cycle batteries is available under Otii Ace Pro.

An Otii Battery Toolbox license is required to use a Battery Profiler and Battery Validation features.

4. System monitoring & notifications



When Monitor is enabled, it will open a monitor view where connected Otii hardware can be monitored.


When Notifications is enabled, it will open a notification view where you can check for notifications about software upgrades, device alerts, and other important information.

Control, Recordings, and Measurements

This section allows adding and configuring one or more Otii hardware. It also stores and manages the recordings taken and the measurements collected. For further configuration, refer to the following documentation:

Monitor and Notifications

As previously shared in "System monitoring & notifications," you can monitor the connected devices and receive notifications about new software upgrades, device alerts, and other important information when configuring the system. This section provides a separate toggle, which can be enabled and disabled for visualization by clicking on either of the icons in this section. For further configuration, refer to the following documentation:

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