Battery profiler

In addition to source current, the Arc can be set to sink current. E.g. by connecting a battery to the main connectors, you can test how the battery performs with different kind of loads.

To get started with battery profiling, choosing Battery Profiler from the toolbar will open the following pane:


Here you choose which of your connected devices you want to use for battery profiling. When the profiling is running you will see some information of the current status of the profiling for each device.

Profiling Settings

Here you configure the profiling parameters, see more below on some best practices in choosing them.

You can also choose to automatically start a recording of the profiling. Recording the profiling session is optional, and for longer profiling sessions will require a lot of free space on your computer.

Battery Details

Here you enter the model, manufacturer and size of the tested battery.


Scroll down the dialog to see a more detailed output from the profiling.


Start is used to start a new profiling.


Stop is used to stop an ongoing profiling.

Save profile

When any of the exit conditions has been fulfilled, or the stop button has been pressed, a save button will appear after each device allowing you to save the profile for use in the battery emulator.

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