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Manage the Otii Product Suite within the User Management Portal

Otii 3 Desktop App is a free software that is available for download whether or not the user owns Otii hardware, making it ideal for collaborative work.

The Qoitech User Management Portal enables users to manage the Otii Product Suite – where the Otii 3 Desktop App can be downloaded, support cases managed, and licenses for Otii Toolbox, such as the Otii Battery Toolbox and Automation Toolbox can be acquired, shared, and returned.

Otii Toolbox licenses can be managed in multiple ways, allowing flexibility when working across different computers and not having to strictly rely only on one license locally. Likewise, the sharing features can be used for collaborative management between colleagues, partners, or production centers.

To manage Otii Toolbox licenses properly, it is essential to have a good understanding of:

Reserving and returning licenses enables a desktop application with additional licensed features, not relying on a single computer. Instead, it can work on multiple computers. Imagine a practical and typical case of a developer's life. Joe is working on his Otii 3 projects on his desktop computer at the office but then decides to work from home on his laptop the next day. Due to this, he manages to return the license from the desktop office computer and reserves it on his laptop, giving him the possibility to make use of a unique license without the need to rely on multiple licenses, one per computer.

Additionally, the licenses can be reassigned or shared between users:

Moving and sharing licenses facilitates smooth and flexible collaborations between colleagues, partners, and production centers when developing battery-driven hardware products. No matter the stage of the project, multiple users can validate and analyze the measurements without even being in the same office or, even better, in the same city or country.

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