The log viewer shows log data recorded from either the UART pin of the Otii hardware, or from a third party USB UART. The log view only shows data from the active recording.


The "Filter" field enables filtering the messages logged in the console log. Just write the desired message to be found, and it will filter out the messages that have been logged over time.

TX data

The "TX data" field transmits data from the console to the DUT. Making it the ideal interface for sending AT commands or customized configurations to the DUT.

A recording must be active to send the data.

Time traceability

Logging time using the console logo is optional. To activate it, click on the options to select what is to be monitored:

  • Show time: It shows the execution time since the DUT was switched on.

  • Show wall time: t shows the date, in YYYYY-MM-DD format, and the time, in HH:MM:SS format, on which the message has been transmitted. The timestamp displayed is based on the time zone configured on the computer.

  • Show time diff: Shows the time diff between the log message and the previous log message.

Mark messages

Mark an area in the graph, and all the UART messages that occurred in this time frame are marked in the UART log. You can also do the opposite and mark one or several messages in the UART log. If you select one message, 1 ms will be highlighted on the graph. At the same time, the current graph for that time frame is marked.

It is possible to select multiple messages using Shift-click or Shift-arrow up/down

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